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<<<An ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY>>>

We, R.K.POLYMER, are Dealers, Distributors, Consignment Agent, Authorized Stockist, and Importers of Raw Materials to All types of Rubber & Tyre Industries.

We can offer Synthetic Rubbers, Chemicals, Oils & Carbon Black from our READY STOCK.

• Nitrile Rubbers
• EPDM Rubbers
• Neoprene Rubbers
• Silicone Rubber
• Butyl Rubber

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• Flex Oil A Super
• Aromatic Oil
• Napthenic Oil
• Paraffinic Oil
• Hydrol-68
• ASTM Oil and All grades

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• Sodium Stearate / Potassium Stearate
• Magnesium Oxide STAR MAG & KYOWAMAG 150
• PPTD. Silica Filler NK5/NK70/NK3SD/NK4HS
• White Factice / Brown Factice / Sona
• ADCL - BlowingAgent Bayer Make

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We assure you that we are at your Service, Looking for your Enquiries and Valuable Orders.


We have an Unrivaled and Uncompromising Range of Quality and Specialty chemicals.

Quality Assurance

Test Certificates and Excise Gate Pass will be provided along with material.